HOUSIFY has launched Instant Valuation in London

Feb 5 | 2 minutes read
instant valuation in london

With access to an endless sea of global property data, HOUSIFY's AVM is unrivaled in its accuracy and ease of use. You can simply type in your address and in seconds, find out the estimated value of your home. Say goodbye to the traditional lengthy and costly appraisal process, with HOUSIFY's Instant Valuation, you can get the answers you need in a flash. So whether you're a home owner, real estate professional, or just curious about the value of your property, HOUSIFY's Instant Valuation has got you covered. Experience the future of property value estimation, with HOUSIFY.


In HOUSIFY’s Instant Valuation just by typing in your desired address, you can instantly get your house’s estimated price and its’ attributes such as the property type, the age of your property... Aside from an estimated price, HOUSIFY provides data such as Liquidity Rate (Liquidity rate being the speed and ease at which a property can be sold.), Price Changes in the last month and Estimated Price per sq.ft.


You can also see your houses’ Valuation History which shows you how much your house was worth in every month of that ongoing year. Further down you can access your property’s History of buying and selling actions (at what price and on what date your property has been sold or rented) and its’ neighborhood information (unit price valuation of an average property and price valuation of an average property in the same neighborhood).


At the bottom section of HOUSIFY’s Instant Valuation, Similar properties with the same attributes as your property is found and by clicking View Price, you can get info about a property with the matching attributes and its’ estimated price. By Comparing other properties’ estimated price with yours, you will easily know what your future investment choices will be.


We are achieving to launch the Track This Property feature in HOUSIFY’s forthcoming launches, which by clicking on it, you will be informed of any possible price changes and changes in general in the property’s state which you chose to track.


Use HOUSIFY’s AVM to find out any property’s Value and information throughout London in Seconds by typing your property’s address in Instant Valuation’s Search Box. We will soon expand this tool all over UK and other countries in the Europe such as France, Germany, …


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