Tips for Marketing a off-plan Home for Sale

Nov 12 | 3 minutes read
Tips for Marketing a off-plan Home for Sale

Selling an off-plan property can be challenging. While brokers dealing with ready properties can showcase the actual homes, off-plan realtors must often rely on show units or artist impressions to entice potential buyers.


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However, the off-plan real estate market is growing, as more buyers are considering not-yet-built homes. Although it presents unique obstacles, there are several strategies to ensure success in this field.


  • Gain in-depth knowledge of your product: Your expertise on the product is crucial in any profession. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of an off-plan property will help you effectively present it to potential clients. Gather comprehensive information, from completion dates to fittings, contracts, payment options, and developer history. Don't just rely on brochures; search for press releases and news articles, and familiarize yourself with the area and its surroundings. Contacting the developer is a great starting point.



  • Investigate other recent developments in the area: After understanding your product, research competitors in your market and area of specialization. Prospective buyers often compare properties based on location and price range. To sell effectively, you must demonstrate that your offering is more desirable than alternatives. Identify other developments in the neighborhood and note the distinguishing features of your property.


  • Study the secondary market for better insights: Every piece of information helps a broker. Monitoring the market and current trends can give you a significant advantage. Since buyers often explore both off-plan and secondary markets, it's essential to understand what's available in both sectors. Gather information on the secondary market's activities and statistics, just as you would for new developments.


  • Collaborate with an experienced closer salesperson: Establishing relationships with key individuals, especially on the developer's side, is critical. In the off-plan market, a significant portion of your revenue will come from developers you work with closely, making it essential to represent them well. Knowing people on the developer's side can facilitate closing a sale, streamline processes, and save time during transaction stages.


  • Don't neglect after-sale support: Exceptional brokers stand out by providing support to buyers even after a sale is made. A well-thought-out after-sale service can set you apart as an agent who genuinely cares for their clients. Various approaches can achieve this, such as scheduling a follow-up appointment with the client. Simple gestures like this can enhance client retention and generate new referral opportunities.


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In conclusion, selling off-plan properties presents unique challenges but can be rewarding with the right approach. To succeed in this market, brokers must gain in-depth knowledge of their product, research competing developments, study the secondary market, collaborate with experienced sales professionals, and provide exceptional after-sale support. By adopting these strategies, off-plan realtors can differentiate themselves, build strong relationships with clients and developers, and secure lasting success in the industry.

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