Tips for 2022 investors in Dubai

Nov 12 | 3 minutes read
Tips for 2022 investors in Dubai

Real estate is frequently the first investment option considered when one has extra capital to put to use. There are other options, but there is no denying the tremendous advantages of equity backed by a physical location. Many people are interested in purchasing properties outside of their home country, especially those situated near bodies of water and abundant sunshine.

Seeking a lucrative property investment opportunity? Dubai home prices are on the rise for the first time in six years, according to a Reuters poll of economists. This encourages people to invest in Dubai real property with the expectation of profiting from a future sale. Even if you're a novice investor, you should learn how to invest property in today's market.

Dubai is a major hub for international trade, tourism, and business. Housing trends continue to climb as more individuals relocate to urban areas. The crime rate is extremely low in this city, and Interpol agrees. In addition, Dubai's medical facilities are among the best in the world. Retirement-age residents of Dubai, as a result, are more likely to opt to buy an investment property than to rent one. To ensure that people of all backgrounds feel comfortable, it is also becoming more diverse. Diverse groups of international visitors flock there. Buying a property in Dubai also speeds up the application procedure for a resident visa.



Property purchases in certain areas of Dubai called free investment zones are permitted for non-residents. These places have a number of off-plan houses with attractive payment plans, and buying homes under construction appears to be one of the most economical and straightforward methods to enter the market. The strategy works as follows: the property is purchased for personal use and gains value over time.

Property in Dubai is a popular investment for tourists and business travelers from abroad. As a second or even third domicile, several families decide to invest in real property in Dubai. After villas and townhouses, the majority of end-users prefer apartments.

Mortgage finance is an option for purchasing real estate. Non-residents may apply for a loan of 70-75% of the purchase price. One thing first-time purchasers should be aware of: banks may grant a larger loan amount than requested. The applicant should keep in mind that expensive premises need a lot of money in terms of insurance, upkeep, and service fees. Apartments in Dubai Marina, for example, were paid AED 14 per sq. ft., while in Downtown Dubai, the service cost went to AED 65-67.88 per sq. ft.



Purchasing Real Estate for Rental Purposes

Many people guarantee their security by earning “passive income” as landlords. The Dubai real estate market is ideal for this because, first, there is a huge demand for property leases, as around 95% of individuals living in Dubai are non-natives who come for work and must rent houses, and second, residential properties return between 5-12%. In comparison to EU capitals like Hong Kong, where 2.5% of rental return is considered standard, this is a solid ROI.

It's important to realize that becoming a landlord entails a significant time commitment, since it requires you to find tenants, draft and file the lease, and deal with any problems that arise as a result of the property's use. In reality, this is a full-time job that not everyone can sustain over time, but any property can hire professional management services. A qualified crew will fix the dripping sink or broken door lock, and the owner will be satisfied with the results. Investors earn money from rent and capital appreciation. The owner may make a profit when the time comes to sell the property if the value has increased.

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