London VS Manchester Living Costs

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London VS Manchester Living Costs

London, the nation's capital, and Manchester, the country's "second city," both boast a thriving social, cultural, and sporting scene; world-famous educational institutions; and excellent employment options.

The city of Manchester beats over the nation's capital, though, due to one crucial feature. As a result, contrasting London with Manchester is tantamount to contrasting London with the huge potential of the Northern Powerhouse and the turbocharged development throughout this area.

Both tourists and permanent residents will find England to be an ideal home. It's not drastically different from other English-speaking nations. That's why many people who speak English consider England to be the ideal place to experience history and culture.


Just what is it about London that makes it so appealing?

London is well-known for its advanced infrastructure, but it is also one of the world's most beautiful cities, with much to offer visitors of all interests. For history and architectural buffs, there is a lot to see, but that's not to say that all tourists care about structures. The West End Theater District, Kew Gardens, upscale shopping, restaurants, and nightlife are all within easy reach.

London is a great city to visit if you like sports, either as a participant or a spectator. Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, etc. are just a few of the London-based football teams where you may pay to see some of the finest players in the world in action.  It's possible to witness the boat race, the London marathon, or a cricket match on a village green for nothing.


London's High Cost of Living

London is not exactly cheap as a city center in which to reside. The opposite, in fact! It's one of the most expensive European cities. The projected monthly expenditures, excluding rent, for a family of four in the city are 2,993.07£.

That means you'll need £36,000 a year only for utilities, etc., before even considering the rent. The average cost of living, excluding rent, for a single individual is projected to be £845.13 per month.

This is why a lot of London residents choose for the flatshare system or a more casual, student-oriented living. Typical examples of pricey areas in London include the north of the city.



Northern England is one of the UK's most underappreciated tourist destinations. Besides the abundance of free attractions, getting about Manchester is a breeze. Not to mention the fact that it is the most famous non-city in the world.

It embodies the essence of what it means to be English and caters to all comers. Put away your copies of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones; the north of England is the genuine thing. Manchester is the north's cultural epicenter.


Is a trip to Manchester a good idea?

The de facto heart of the north, it is sometimes paired with Birmingham, a city in the midlands, as the likely successor to London as the nation's capital.


How much does it cost to live in Manchester?

Manchester is a lot more budget-friendly than its southern cousin London since its cost of living is just 35% higher.

Taking into account just necessities, a monthly budget for a family of four would need to be about £2,325.28 (not including rent, of course).

The average monthly rent in Manchester is 54.26 percent less than that in London. So, in terms of overall cost of living, Manchester is the superior option than London.

Manchester has a lower cost of living, but thanks to the tram system, many people can now afford to live on the city's outskirts without spending too much time in the car each day. As a result, many areas of Manchester and Salford are quite reasonably priced.


When to Visit Manchester Optimally

July is the biggest month for tourists in Manchester, England, followed by October and December. Manchester hotels and flights will cost more during certain months, but you can save money by planning ahead.


To go from Manchester to London, how far would you have to travel?

A trip from Manchester to London by vehicle takes roughly four to five hours due to the distance of about 200 miles.

Depending on how long you are stuck in traffic, the trip should take around six to seven hours by bus or coach. There is an hourly train service provided by Avanti West Coast between London Euston and Manchester Piccadilly.

Prices range from £65 to £240, and the total travel time is 2 hours and seven minutes. As an alternative, you may take one of the four daily buses operated by FlixBus from London's Victoria Coach Station to Manchester's Shudehill Interchange. Take the City Bus Tour while in Manchester to see the city's central areas and the Salford Quays.


London vs Manchester

Despite the fact that we northerners know London and the south can sometimes catch us off guard, this comparison demonstrates London's overall supremacy.


Manchester's rental costs vs London’s

Manchester is a better city to rent from if you're on a regular income than London is. Of course, earnings are substantially lower in Manchester, and a graduate frequently only earns 18 to 20 thousand dollars per year; with that amount, you can really rent an apartment for £450 to 700 and pay for transportation for free. You'll save even more money on transportation costs since more and more jobs are being relocated to outlying areas.

Manchester is another major city with widely varying rental costs. Prepare to spend a significant portion of your income on a brand-new building if that's where you wish to call home. However, if you're ready to make some sacrifices and move, you may significantly reduce your rent, ultimately enjoying a higher standard of living than you would in London.

A one-bedroom flat in Manchester's downtown area may be rented for £650 to £800 per month. A studio or one-bedroom apartment, on the other hand, may be found for £450-550 if you're willing to travel and live a little outside the city center.



A recent graduate's income in London may be between 18 and 25 thousand pounds (£1350 and 1700), but a comparable apartment would cost you over £1200, without including transportation costs of £150 to $200 per month. The rules vary if you're a high-earner in a specialized field like law, software development, medicine, etc.

Which city, London or Manchester, offers a better price on a home purchase?

If you're looking to purchase a home in London or Manchester as part of a longer-term plan to settle down, you'll find some helpful information below.


Manchester property purchasing

Property acquisition in Manchester is also far less complicated than in London. A two-bedroom flat in Salford, one of the city's hippest neighborhoods, may be had for $150,000 to $250,000 as of February 2021.

A three-bedroom home may be purchased for between $200,000 and $350,000 outside of the downtown area. It's possible to locate even better offers.

In particular, it is crucial for first-time buyers who are looking to get a foot on the housing ladder. With mortgages being somewhat more expensive and needing a deposit of 15% of the property price, saving for a first home in Manchester is really fairly easy and doesn't take as long as it does in London.


London property purchasing

Overpriced real estate in London is well-known. Also, it is understood that if homes in a certain location are inexpensive, nearly no one is interested in moving there. Why? There might be a number of factors at play here, including poor infrastructure, increased criminality, and garbage accumulation.

The cost of living tends to skyrocket in desirable places. My article on the top London neighborhoods for raising a family is available here.

A one-bedroom apartment in a good portion of zone 4 of the city will set you back at least £350,000 to £400,000, while a home in the same region would set you back roughly £550,000. The cost of a home might range from £700,000 to £900,000 if you want to be in close proximity to work.

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