Are you selling your home? Renovation ideas for potential buyers

Oct 16 | 3 minutes read
Are you selling your home? Renovation ideas for potential buyers

You want potential buyers to be just as enthusiastic about your property as you are if you plan on selling it.

There's more to selling a house than fluffing the pillows and baking bread to fill the house with a pleasant perfume.

Not only will the upgrades you've made to your house impress potential buyers, but they will also likely increase your asking price when the time comes to sell. Further, the most beneficial enhancements are not typically the most expensive ones.

We have examined the most recent tendencies from Rated People's 2022 house report, which range from creating a private home office to just changing the color scheme. The property market and the careers of handymen and renovators are discussed in the latest edition of Rated People's annual report on the home improvement industry. 


Current fads in home refurbishment

Extra time activities: home gyms and outdoor gathering areas

If a house is a place where you eat, sleep, and play, then prospective homeowners seem especially interested in the latter. Homebuyers are on the lookout for areas that may be used for hosting gatherings or that can be used exclusively for a hobby or for physical exercise. Outdoor kitchens (far more stylish than your standard damp British barbeque) and al fresco entertaining areas were also reported to be popular in the Rated People research as top home improvement trends.




The flooring of a room can completely change the feel of the space, and there are many fashionable options available. Buyers place a high value on new solid-wood flooring, but they also appreciate other classic options like a herringbone pattern or flagstones. DIY floor installations and the use of salvaged materials can further reduce the cost of flooring renovations.


Houses with green interior design and kitchens

Green is the color of the moment in interior design, appearing in everything from delicate sage to ostentatious British racing. Get some sample pots ready for a total makeover, or inject some color by painting your kitchen cabinets a new hue or installing a tranquil green countertop.


Experiment with a living wall

Despite the spread of the epidemic, the appeal of gardens has remained strong, but it is not the only feature that is drawing purchasers' attention. It's a smart use of space to plant a living wall, whether it's inside or outside. There is a plant kind that will thrive in your garden's light conditions, whether it's partial or full sun.


Room for a home office

Many people who are purchasing homes these days are looking for rooms that can double as offices since they adhere to hybrid work models. Prospective buyers will be better able to picture themselves working from home if you have a room or cozy nook set up for office work.


Minimalism and Optimalism

Both the Marie Kondo method of tidying up your home and the more traditional approach of stocking your shelves with books are in vogue this year. Clean lines and the pared back style of Japan and Scandinavia (often called "Japandi") are at the center of the minimalist movement, while carefully organized trinkets, masses of upholstery, and vivid, clashing colors are the hallmarks of the maximalist movement.


Panels for walls

Among the most cutting-edge developments in interior design, wall panels are a great way to give a room a touch of traditional elegance. Spend the money on a genuine wood model, or make some MDF panels with the help of a tutorial on the internet if you'd like not to break the bank.

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