Mar 1| | 8 minutes
Decoding the Future of House Prices: UK, US, Europe & Beyond
Why House Prices Are Crashing Across the World: Lessons to Learn

Feb 27| | 6 minutes
Top 3 Real Estate Investment Predictions for 2023
Real estate investors who specialize in fix-and-flip properties must stay ahead of the curve to maximize their return on investment in 2023. Three factors could impact how they evaluate new investment opportunities: interest rates, the overall economy, and changes in consumer behavior. Higher interest rates could make it harder to secure financing and find buyers, while a sluggish economy could reduce demand. Meanwhile, millennials entering the market could influence the types of properties in demand. To succeed in the fix-and-flip market, investors must be adaptable and stay informed about these factors.

Feb 27| | 6 minutes
Real Estate Report 2023
The housing market saw a glimmer of hope as interest rates rose, relieving some of the pressure from skyrocketing home prices in 2022. However, recent rate increases are causing concerns about a potential standstill in the market. Economists are divided on whether home prices will continue to decelerate or even drop in 2023.

Feb 27| | 9 minutes
Keep Up with the 2023 Real Estate Trends for Informed Investment Decisions
Are you curious about how the current state of the economy and rising costs are impacting the real estate industry? The 2023 real estate trends reveal that the market is experiencing a unique set of circumstances that can make buying, selling, or staying put a competitive endeavor. Here's what you need to know:

Feb 22| | 4 minutes
Spain's Real Estate 2023: Evolving Renting and Buying Real Estate
In a move to protect the growing number of renters in Spain from soaring rental prices, the government has made a crucial decision. The ruling Socialist party initially introduced a rent increase cap of two percent in March 2022, which was meant to be a temporary measure to combat rising inflation. However, the government has now agreed to continue limiting the amount landlords can increase rent for tenants throughout 2023, providing stability and peace of mind for renters across the country. This move highlights the Spanish government's commitment to providing affordable housing options for all, especially in a market where rental prices have been rising steadily in recent years. Americans'

Feb 21| | 7 minutes
Navigating Australia's Property Market in 2023
2023 is set to be a year of mixed fortunes for the Australian property market, with both challenges and opportunities on the horizon. While some sectors face a level of uncertainty, others have managed to weather the storm and are poised for growth. In this article, we delve into the key factors that will shape the Australian property market in the coming year. After an extraordinary growth spurt in 2021, the residential property market saw a slowdown in 2022 as interest rate hikes and inflation impacted the market. As interest rates continue to rise, the residential property market is poised for another test. With record-low fixed-term mortgages set to expire