Mar 6| | 3 minutes
Nuclear Accord Failure Sparks Concern
US markets experienced a significant downturn on Tuesday as investors were rattled by a host of macroeconomic indicators.

Feb 21| | 5 minutes
Property Prices Plummet in Coveted Australian Regions
As the pandemic era comes to an end and interest rates start to rise, the once-booming regional real estate markets across Australia are losing their shine. City-dwellers who were once eager to escape to the countryside or the coast are now holding back, leading to a decline in property prices from Byron Bay to Geelong.

Feb 15| | 5 minutes
Insider Insights: What to Expect in France's 2023 Property Market
"Green is the New Black: How Energy Efficiency is Shaping the French Property Market in 2023" As electricity prices continue to rise, homebuyers in France are increasingly looking for energy-efficient properties with good ratings. With energy-efficient features such as insulation, double-glazing, and solar panels becoming more important, sellers are under pressure to ensure that their properties meet the required standards to attract buyers. Despite a few years of strong growth in the French property market, prices have started to stabilize and a slight drop is expected in 2023. However, according to experts, there is no need for buyers to panic as no serious price crash is expected. Eric Allouche, CEO

Feb 14| | 4 minutes
Forecast: 5-10% Decrease in French Property Prices for 2023
The French property market is experiencing a slowdown, making it increasingly challenging for individuals looking to buy or sell their homes. The market's dynamic nature is stalling, causing a decline in property transactions. Simultaneously, inflation is affecting the purchasing power of potential buyers, making it harder for them to afford homes at current market prices. Moreover, the mortgage rates are gradually increasing, which could create further obstacles for people planning to invest in property. The high-interest rates will make home loans more expensive, reducing the number of buyers and increasing competition amongst sellers. All of these factors combine to make the French property market a tricky arena to navigate. Potential

Oct 31| | 5 minutes
Condos, Co-ops, and Condops: The variation in New York City's Real Estate
One of the most important things to consider while looking for a NYC apartment is what type of apartment is best for you. To do so, you must first understand the distinctions between three key NYC property types: condos, co-ops, and condops. What are co-ops? Co-ops outnumber condos in NYC, accounting for roughly 75% of the apartment market. Instead of owning the property itself, you hold shares in the corporation that owns the property in the co-op. The number of shares you own is proportional to the size of your apartment, thus if you own a larger apartment in the co-op, you own more shares than someone who lives in

Oct 29| | 2 minutes
A Changing Management Industry
Today, we're getting closer to a tipping point in the property management business, as well as the much-needed application of existing technologies. Without exaggerating, the Skillhop team noticed the trend, need, and desire for innovative property management technology back in 2016. And now, in 2022, the future of property management has arrived, and whether we like it or not, the usage of software is necessary in order to function at peak efficiency; otherwise, we risk retention, vacancy, and an overworked workforce. This is especially true given the multifamily industry's current unit demand and expansion. With or without a recession, the United States is on track to add ten million housing