Mar 6| | 4 minutes
Russian Buyers Lose Ground in Dubai's Booming Property Market
Since the commencement of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, there has been widespread coverage of Russian citizens leaving their homeland, with conjecture suggesting that sanctions have driven them towards the Middle East, particularly Dubai, rather than Europe or the United States.

Mar 5| | 7 minutes
The Significance of ESG on Real Estate
Are you curious about the buzz surrounding ESG and its impact on the real estate industry? Well, let's dive in!

Mar 4| | 3 minutes
Is London Property a Good Investment in 2023
Over the last two decades, London has consistently ranked among the top choices for property investors, thanks to the remarkable performance of buy-to-let properties.

Mar 4| | 5 minutes
Property Investors Look to Build on Success in 2023
Despite the growing concerns surrounding the UK's economic stability, a recent survey has found that more than half of property investors are planning to expand their portfolios in 2023.

Mar 4| | 5 minutes
Maximize Your Tax Savings with These Common Credit reductions
Are you looking for ways to reduce your tax bill or increase your refund from the IRS? Fortunately, as a taxpayer, you have access to a plethora of deductions and credits that can help you achieve your financial goals.

Mar 4| | 7 minutes
Unveiling the Top Hottest Housing Markets
As the housing market experiences a resurgence in demand, thanks to lower mortgage rates, declining inflation, and reduced recession risk, it's an excellent time to take a closer look at which markets are currently sizzling across the United States. While the term "hottest" no longer necessarily translates to frantic buyers paying exorbitant amounts over asking prices and waiving inspections, it does mean returning to the fundamentals of healthy demand, ample supply, and attractive financing options.