Feb 6| | 5 minutes
What will happen to Germany’s Housing market in 2023?
The well-known saying "What goes up must come down" has been proven true in Germany's real estate market in recent times. For a long time, it seemed like prices would continue to escalate and demand would remain high, but that all changed in 2022. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the resulting energy crisis led to inflation reaching new heights, leading the European Central Bank to take action. In an effort to control inflation, the ECB ended their low interest rate policy and surprisingly raised rates to a higher level than expected. Rising interest rates have made the cost of mortgages more expensive, adding to the financial strain that

Feb 6| | 2 minutes
Why plummeting German property prices hurt tenants?
German real estate prices have risen for over a decade, thus a decline is to be anticipated. Tenants should expect to pay a larger monthly payment as a result. The German housing market is currently experiencing the effects of rising interest rates, high building prices, and record inflation. And it affects both homebuyers and renters. Real estate prices are beginning to drop in some areas, but many people still can't afford to buy a home because obtaining a mortgage has become much more difficult as a result of the current situation, which has been brought on by Russia's war on Ukraine, which sparked the energy crisis, and other factors. Meanwhile