Feb 21| | 7 minutes
Navigating Australia's Property Market in 2023
2023 is set to be a year of mixed fortunes for the Australian property market, with both challenges and opportunities on the horizon. While some sectors face a level of uncertainty, others have managed to weather the storm and are poised for growth. In this article, we delve into the key factors that will shape the Australian property market in the coming year. After an extraordinary growth spurt in 2021, the residential property market saw a slowdown in 2022 as interest rate hikes and inflation impacted the market. As interest rates continue to rise, the residential property market is poised for another test. With record-low fixed-term mortgages set to expire

Feb 21| | 5 minutes
Property Prices Plummet in Coveted Australian Regions
As the pandemic era comes to an end and interest rates start to rise, the once-booming regional real estate markets across Australia are losing their shine. City-dwellers who were once eager to escape to the countryside or the coast are now holding back, leading to a decline in property prices from Byron Bay to Geelong.

Feb 20| | 3 minutes
Aussie Property Outlook 2023: 5 Key Trends to Follow
Unveiling the Australian Property Markets That Are Poised for Success in 2023: The Property Tribune Reveals Top 10 Performers. Brace Yourself for a Surprise as Queensland's Townsville and Western Australia's Wanneroo Take the Lead, Boasting Thriving Economies and Accessible Housing Options.

Feb 20| | 6 minutes
Expert Insights: A Look into the Australian Property for 2023
According to Nicola Powell, the Chief of Research and Economics at Domain, the property market in 2022 was a bit of a rollercoaster ride, with record prices at the start of the year followed by a downturn. The situation was not helped by comments from the RBA governor, Phillip Lowe, who initially stated that rates would not rise until 2024 but later had to step back from this advice.