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Dubai's property market is on fire, with record-high demand for real estate in the city during the first two months of 2023.
Sat, 11/12/2022 - 15:38|ARE
Dubai's 2022 laws regarding tenants and landlords

The appropriate rental property at the right price can be difficult to find. So, if you locate a nice place, make sure you understand the rules before signing a contract. RERA, Dubai's real estate regulating organization, defines the roles and responsibilities of landlords and tenants. Laws No. 26 of 2007, No. 33 of 2008, and Decree No. 2 of 2011 are among them. We created this FAQ for you to assist you understand where you stand and what your legal rights are. Here's what you need to know. How many

Sat, 11/12/2022 - 06:44|GBR
What has occurred to the housing market since the mini-budget?

The previous day, the Bank of England raised interest rates for the seventh time in a row, to 2.25%, the highest level since 2008. There has been a lot of discussion about how these changes might affect the housing market since then. So, because we can detect changes in home-moving behavior in real time, we took a closer look to see what's happened in the last two weeks. What was going on prior to the unveiling of the mini-budget? The coronavirus pandemic, as well as multiple lockdowns, had a huge

Sat, 10/29/2022 - 15:27|GBR
What's changed in the Green New Deal?

A government programme called the "Green Deal" that provided loans for energy-efficient house upgrades was discontinued in 2015. However, you can still use private businesses to apply for it. Continue reading to learn more. Although the original Green Deal programme was discontinued in 2015, the Green Deal Finance Company still offers financing for home renovations that reduce energy use. Learn if a Green Deal loan is appropriate for your home, about changes to the programme and how they will impact current Green Deal loans, as well as other ways to

Sun, 10/16/2022 - 10:08|World
Real Estate's Newest Trends Top cities in 2022 for real estate investment

Condition of uncertainty Despite the lengthy interruption from COVID-19 and the major structural upheavals in how we live and work, real estate continues to draw money, demonstrating its superior stability and desirability relative to other asset classes. Despite widespread economic unpredictability, 2021 was a record-breaking year for the global real estate industry, with worldwide commercial sales volumes surpassing the 2020 total by 59% and the previous peak witnessed in 2019 by 22% - considerably beyond the predictions made in last year's Global Outlook. This unusual level of activity was driven

Sun, 10/16/2022 - 09:32|ARE
UAE Golden Visa

A 10–25% down payment on a Dh2 million property can qualify investors for a UAE Golden Visa. To qualify for the Visa, a down payment of Dh200,000 (10% of the Dh2 million investment value) is required. The remaining amount can be paid for by developers' installment plans. Developers are currently working on this, and prospective real estate investors will soon receive numerous competitive bids. After the Eid holidays are finished, the first of these Visa-linked programmes may go on sale. (A 10-year residency was formerly necessary and cost Dh10 million.)

Wed, 10/12/2022 - 16:23|GBR
Scotland passes emergency eviction and rent-freezing legislation

The Scottish government has passed a measure that modifies the laws governing rented housing and institutes a rent freeze that will last through the end of March 2019. The government's answer to the ongoing cost of living hikes includes the new Tenant Protection Bill. The bill prohibits evictions for six months after September 6, 2022, and caps rent increases before that date. The Tenant Protection Bill's duration is unknown. The measure is now scheduled to remain in effect until March 31, 2023. However, there is a choice to prolong the

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