Property Investors Look to Build on Success in 2023

Despite the growing concerns surrounding the UK's economic stability, a recent survey has found that more than half of property investors are planning to expand their portfolios in 2023.

Mar 4 | 5 minutes read
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Out of the 1,000 investors surveyed, 50.45% stated that they are willing to take on new property investments despite the uncertainty in the market. While it's true that the current climate has caused many investors to feel hesitant, others see it as an opportunity to make smart investments and secure their financial future.


Interestingly, the survey also revealed that there may be an increase in investment housing availability in the near future. More specifically, 23.07% of investors with fewer than 5 properties stated that they would consider selling their properties if interest rates were to increase. On the other hand, a whopping 67.92% of investors with over 5 properties have indicated that they plan to invest further in 2023.


while there may be some uncertainty in the real estate market, it's clear that real estate investors are remaining resilient and looking towards the future with optimism.


Exploring the Benefits of Property Investment in 2023

As UK real estate investors gear up to expand their portfolios in 2023, it's worth noting the advantages that property investment offers. Here are some key benefits to consider:

Capital Appreciation: Despite the anticipated drop of 5-10% in real estate prices in 2023, the increasing availability of properties on the market presents a prime opportunity for investors to expand their portfolio. As the economic situation improves, prices are expected to rebound, with an estimated increase of 2% in 2024 and 4% in 2026.

Increased profits: With the rise in rental demand, tenants are willing to pay a premium for good quality properties in desirable locations. Savvy investors can take advantage of this trend, aiming to achieve high yields, which is the amount of rent as a proportion of the property value. While the average rental yield in the UK is 4.71%, investors can research locations with the highest yields to identify prime areas to expand their portfolio.


Portfolio Diversification: Investing in property provides a way to diversify one's investment portfolio, which can help to reduce overall risk. Real estate is an asset class that can perform well even in a challenging economic environment.


Tax Benefits: Property investment offers a range of tax benefits, including deductions for mortgage interest, repairs, and maintenance expenses. Additionally, capital gains tax may be reduced through the use of certain investment structures.


Overall, real estate investment can offer a range of benefits for investors in 2023 and beyond, including capital appreciation, additional income, portfolio diversification, and tax benefits. Investors who carefully research and identify the right opportunities in the market can position themselves for success in the coming years.


Risks Associated with Property Investment

Despite the potential benefits of property investment, there are also risks that investors should be aware of. Some of these risks include:

Mortgage Rates: With mortgage rates reaching their highest levels since the financial crisis of 2008, a quarter of property investors have expressed concerns about remortgaging or refinancing if interest rates rise sharply. This is especially concerning given that many banks are expected to tighten their mortgage lending criteria for UK properties.


Increased Competition: As more people look to enter the property investment market, competition is likely to increase. This could lead to higher investment property prices, making it more difficult for investors to find good deals.


It's important for property investors to carefully consider both the potential benefits and risks before making any investment decisions. Understanding the current economic climate and the state of the property market can help investors make informed decisions about expanding their portfolios.


Exploring Property Investment Hotspots in the UK

For property investors looking for new opportunities, it's important to know where the investment hotspots are. Some of the locations currently experiencing considerable growth and redevelopment include:

Slough: With excellent transport links and a thriving business community, Slough is a prime location for commuters. The average house price in Slough is £375,117, with a rental yield of 3.7% and a predicted growth rate of 10%.


Liverpool: A vibrant city with a growing population and strong demand for rental property, student accommodation, short-lets, and homes for professionals. The average house price in Liverpool is £202,242, with a rental yield of 5.48% and a predicted growth rate of 18.9%.


Aberdeen: Home to a thriving energy industry and major companies, Aberdeen is an excellent location for property investment. The average house price in Aberdeen is £197,738, with a rental yield of 4.6% and a predicted growth rate of 10%.


Burton: A market town with a good property market, Burton offers high potential for yield and capital growth. The average house price in Burton is £204,104, with a rental yield of 3.7% and a predicted growth rate of 10%.


Bolton: An up-and-coming location in Greater Manchester with a growing population and cultural scene. The average house price in Bolton is £375,117, with a rental yield of 8% and a predicted growth rate of 22.3%.


A pro-business town with excellent transport links and a prosperous population. The average house price in Reading is £439,629, with a rental yield of 3.16% and a predicted growth rate of 7.57%.


It's worth noting that rental yields can vary greatly depending on the location of the property. Experienced investors will be able to identify the areas that are likely to yield the highest returns and invest at the right time, taking into account factors such as market trends and economic stability.


In conclusion, property investment can offer many advantages such as capital appreciation, additional income, and potential tax benefits. However, there are also potential risks such as rising mortgage rates and increased competition in the market. By identifying investment hotspots, investors can capitalize on areas with robust housing markets, favorable capital growth rates, and high rental demand.


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