Unravelling the Mysteries of the Property Market 2023

A Turbulent Transformation in the Property Market

Apr 15 | 3 minutes read
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The US real estate market has experienced a whirlwind of changes since 2022, facing severe inflation, escalating rental and mortgage rates, and an inventory shortage exacerbated by a spike in demand. The lasting effects of the pandemic have also altered our living preferences, with numerous homeowners from Northern urban areas relocating to Florida and other parts of the Sun Belt. Consequently, housing prices in once-affordable cities have rocketed. As a designer, staying abreast of these shifts and modifying your business plans accordingly is essential.



The Present State of the Property Market the National Association of Realtors revealed that January 2023 saw a 12th successive monthly decline in existing home sales. Concurrently, the 30-year fixed rate experienced a sixth straight weekly increase, reaching its peak at 7.03%. Nevertheless, mortgage rates fell to 6.57% following the Silicon Valley Bank incident and have since risen marginally. The median price of existing homes grew by 1.3% year over year, while pending sales exhibited promise, surging 8.1% from December 2022. Conversely, new construction sales have nosedived 19.4% compared to the prior year.


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The Luxury Market's Struggles

The luxury market has suffered, with Redfin data revealing a 44.6% year-over-year drop in home buying. Early 2023's lackluster stock market performance contributed to this, as luxury buyers typically have more stock assets. Nevertheless, a glimmer of hope remains: luxury buyers are expanding their searches both domestically and internationally to secure better deals.


Potential for Growth in the Design Sector

Despite economic uncertainties, people continue to invest in their home's quality. Concentrating on design renovations and aesthetic enhancements can be an effective way to sustain revenue streams during these unpredictable times. Offering packages with a predetermined number of hours for smaller projects can be an appealing option for clients.


Broadening Your Horizons

Diversifying your revenue streams is crucial for navigating the current real estate turbulence. In addition to your design firm, consider venturing into retail, product lines, or even authoring a book. Keep in mind that even smaller renovation projects can pave the way for more significant opportunities down the line.


Adapting to the Future of the Real Estate Market

Despite the challenges, the housing market offers numerous opportunities. Designers should view themselves as versatile "film studios," prepared to craft and edit whatever story is currently in demand. Having a dependable team of vendors and contractors will enable you to handle any project that comes your way.


HOUSIFY's investment portal is now available in TexasFloridaNew YorkNevadaWashingtonIllinoisCalifornia, and Montana.


In summary, while the real estate market might be experiencing fluctuations, there are still ample opportunities for designers to prosper. Stay informed, adjust your strategies, and embrace the changes to make the most of the evolving landscape.

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