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Oct 16 | 3 minutes read
UAE Golden Visa: A 10-25% down payment on Dh2m property can get investors started

A 10–25% down payment on a Dh2 million property can qualify investors for a UAE Golden Visa.

To qualify for the Visa, a down payment of Dh200,000 (10% of the Dh2 million investment value) is required. The remaining amount can be paid for by developers' installment plans. Developers are currently working on this, and prospective real estate investors will soon receive numerous competitive bids. After the Eid holidays are finished, the first of these Visa-linked programmes may go on sale. (A 10-year residency was formerly necessary and cost Dh10 million.)

The down payment for a mortgage would be Dh500,000, or 25% of the investment, if the buyer chooses to finance it. According to Firas Al Msaddi, CEO of fam Properties, "This is beyond reasonable, because not all of these Golden Visa property purchases need to just be through cash transactions." "There are other nations that provide residency investment plans, but the current Dh2 million offered by the UAE represents an unparalleled value for money on a global basis.


affordability combination

It is crucial, according to developers and real estate brokers, to find ways to make it easier for purchasers who lack the entire Dh2 million in available money for an outright purchase. To persuade new investors to go through an installment plan while also ensuring they have the Dh2 million equity required to qualify for a Golden Visa, direct-from-developer programmes are crucial in this situation.

A developer noted, "Many applying for Golden Visas may be recent residents in the UAE, and would have to stay a specific amount of time to qualify for mortgages from banks. Developers can expedite the process and provide other investment opportunities here.


apartments with two bedrooms in the front

Two-bedroom apartments and townhouses may be the "gold standard" for investors in the new investment market. Based on current market assessments, both forms would easily surpass the Dh2 million level, and there are numerous places in Dubai that meet the criteria. These possibilities are available in Arada's developments in Sharjah, and investors in Abu Dhabi will also consider Bloom Living (from Bloom Properties), Reem Hills (from Q Properties), and Al Jubail Island in addition to Aldar projects.

Estate agents stated that "off-plan properties are currently available; developers only need to slightly modify their payment plans to suit the visa eligibility." "At this time, investors looking to invest Dh2 million have ready and off-plan options in all of the major property investment locations in the UAE."



The Dh2 million Golden Visa initiatives will "improve" market stability for both rentals and sales.

According to Firas Al Msaddi of fam Properties, landlords turn into sellers when the market is booming in order to earn from resales. "There are 100 times more eviction letters indicating properties are up for sale than there were in the previous five years." Contrarily, tenants are keeping their current rental residences since market rates are frequently significantly greater than what they agreed to. Many property owners who have visas registered to their properties understand they must cling onto them because of the new Golden Visa restrictions, which means more stability for tenants also.

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