Scotland passes emergency eviction and rent-freezing legislation

Oct 12 | 2 minutes read
Scotland passes emergency eviction and rent-freezing legislation

The Scottish government has passed a measure that modifies the laws governing rented housing and institutes a rent freeze that will last through the end of March 2019.

The government's answer to the ongoing cost of living hikes includes the new Tenant Protection Bill.

The bill prohibits evictions for six months after September 6, 2022, and caps rent increases before that date.

The Tenant Protection Bill's duration is unknown.

The measure is now scheduled to remain in effect until March 31, 2023. However, there is a choice to prolong the bill for two additional six-month periods, through 2024. According to the government, the measures will be reviewed every three months to ensure that they accurately reflect the cost of living at the time.


How does Scotland's rent freeze operate?

Both tenants who rent from private landlords and tenants who rent from local governments are subject to the emergency rent cap.

Beginning on September 6, 2022, all planned rent increases are subject to the cap, which is set at zero (the date the government first announced its plans for the bill).

The new cap won't apply if a rent increase was granted before September 6, 2022. While the measure is in effect, the government will have the discretion to adjust the cap as needed, in reaction to "changes in the wider economic situation."

Scotland's rent freeze


How does Scotland's ban on evictions operate?

Evictions are only permitted in specific situations. Rentals in the public, private, and student housing are all prohibited. Individual cases will only be delayed by a maximum of six months, unless the law is repealed earlier.

The Scottish government is hoping that the action will "provide them more time to look for support and alternative housing that matches their needs."

The Scottish government has highlighted specific circumstances in which the restriction won't apply in the outline of the bill.

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