First Annual U.S. Rent Prices Decrease Witnessed in Three Years

As the U.S. rental market faces its first annual decline in three years, we examine the factors at play and how this shift could affect future trends in real estate.

Apr 15 | 2 minutes read
rent prices drop in the US

A recent shift in the U.S. rental market has seen the median asking rent prices decline annually for the first time in three years. Let's delve into the factors behind this Rent Price changes and its impact on various cities across the nation.


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An Unexpected Turn in Rental Market

  • First annual decline in median asking rent in three years, falling 0.4% YoY in March
  • Rent prices reached the lowest level in 13 months, following a 17.5% YoY increase last March
  • No monthly change in median asking rent between February and March


The Rent Drop Story: Austin and Chicago

  • Austin, Texas, and Chicago lead the way in annual decreases in rent
  • Rents in Austin fell by 11% in March, while Chicago experienced a 9.2% decline
  • Real estate agent Dan Close likens the drop to normalizing egg prices


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Behind the Scenes of the Rent Decline

  • Increased incomes and pandemic-driven household formation contributed to the rental price surge
  • Fewer people moving due to economic uncertainty
  • A surplus of rental properties caused by the house-building boom during the pandemic


Contrasting Rent Increases in Raleigh and Cleveland

  • Some cities still experiencing rising rents
  • Raleigh, North Carolina, recorded the largest annual increase in median asking rent at 16.6%
  • Cleveland's rents increased by 15.3% YoY


rent prices drop in the us


A Challenging Housing Market for Buyers

  • A 25% YoY drop in new listings in the U.S. during the four weeks ending April 9
  • The largest drop since the pandemic began, contributing to an ongoing streak of double-digit annual declines in new inventory
  • High mortgage rates and low inventory discouraging homeowners from selling, limiting options for buyers


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While the recent decline in rental prices might offer relief to renters, the housing market remains tough for prospective buyers. As we navigate these uncertain times, staying informed on real estate trends is crucial for making sound decisions in an ever-changing market.

This article was inspired by the insightful report published on, which provided valuable data and perspectives on the recent changes in the U.S. rental market.

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