Aussie Property Outlook 2023: 5 Key Trends to Follow

Unveiling the Australian Property Markets That Are Poised for Success in 2023: The Property Tribune Reveals Top 10 Performers. Brace Yourself for a Surprise as Queensland's Townsville and Western Australia's Wanneroo Take the Lead, Boasting Thriving Economies and Accessible Housing Options.

Feb 20 | 3 minutes read
australian property trends

Discover Why Perth Reigns as Australia's Most Dynamic Property Market: Hotspotting's Terry Ryder Highlights the Unstoppable Rise of Affordable Suburbs, with 75% on the Upswing or Holding Steady!


Regional Queensland Takes the Property Investment Crown: Forget the Southeast, as Terry Ryder of Hotspotting Points Out the Strongest Growth Markets Are Happening in the Centers Beyond!


Beyond the Bubble: Unveiling the Top 5 Australian Property Market Trends Defining 2023:

From Affordable Areas Reigning Supreme to Perth and Adelaide Dominating the Top 100, Explore the Rise of Units in Prime Locations and Discover Why the Decline Pre-Dates Rate Rises. It's Time to Turn to Local Factors for Real Estate Returns

  • Unlocking the Secrets of Australia's Property Hotspots: Expert Terry Ryder Reveals Why Affordable Areas are the Key to Growth in Perth, Darwin, and Adelaide, Alongside Key Regional Centres. From Melbourne to Sydney, Cheaper Suburbs Continue to Offer Resilient Markets, Even as Prices Soar.
  • How to Crack the Property Code in 2023: Mr Ryder's Top Picks for Growth Markets in Australia? Discover the Most Affordable Suburbs Across Major Cities and Beyond, Where Property Prices Are Booming Despite Economic Uncertainty. Uncover the National Top 10 Municipalities List, dominated by Capital City Areas that Offer Affordable Alternatives Amidst Rising Interest Rates and Soaring Prices.
  • Hotspotting's National Top 100 List Reveals Perth and Adelaide as the Property Powerhouses of 2023. With More Than 40% of the List Dominated by These Capital Cities, Investors Are Racing to Uncover the Supercharged Suburbs That Are Bucking the National Downturn. Meanwhile, the Big Three - Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane - Struggle to Keep Up, Accounting for Only 23% of the List. But That's Not All - Regional Queensland Takes the Spotlight with 12 Locations on the List, Including Townsville, the Headliner of a New Era of Property Growth Driven by Local Factors.
  • In desirable locations, there is a trend towards popular units: According to Mr. Ryder, the report highlights a growing trend of homebuyers seeking affordable properties in cities, particularly those offering units that are priced significantly lower than houses.


Although property prices in Sydney have been decreasing since mid-2021, the Inner West and Canterbury-Bankstown areas continue to be in high demand. Additionally, seven out of the ten suburbs analyzed in the City of Melbourne have either increasing or steady sales levels.

  • Market decline occurred prior to interest rate increases: According to Mr. Ryder, the research findings demonstrate that the markets experiencing a downturn had already started to decline even prior to the Reserve Bank of Australia's actions in May. Sydney's peak occurred in mid-2021, followed by a decline towards the end of the year, and a significant slump in early 2022. Meanwhile, Melbourne, Brisbane, and popular regional locations such as the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast began trending downwards towards the end of 2021 or early 2022," he explained.
  • Real estate markets rely on local factors, not broad generalizations: Mr. Ryder emphasizes that the practice of grouping all of Australia's real estate markets together by economists and property experts can lead to a lack of consumer knowledge about what is truly happening on the ground. This report showcases numerous examples of how real estate is primarily a local affair, with sub-markets within each market," he explains. One example of this is Regional Queensland, which features 130 markets that are on the rise, 36 that remain consistent, 120 that have plateaued, and 19 that are declining - all located within the Sunshine and Gold Coast regions. This highlights the need to consider the unique characteristics of each market and to avoid making sweeping generalizations.


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